Why Republicans hate Obamacare,

Why Republicans hate Obamacare,

Or “government for all” versus “power for the few.”

Wealth always seeks to control government. To dictate how the government will operate, wealth has chosen to control the Republican Party.  The first rule of control is the smaller the government, the easier for wealth to control it. Small government, or anti-big government, is therefore the rationale for Republican politics. Across America communities, towns, small cities, counties and even many states are guided by the ingrained belief in wealthy for social guidance. Even today, wealthy interests––directly or indirectly––dictate what is taught in schools, in churches, in social groups, business employment, and especially drive taxes and spending. By controlling the message, wealth creates a environment conducive to increasing wealth: “Work hard, keep your mouth shut, and be grateful for what you receive.” The purpose of the federal government, on the other hand, is to do those things that the individual citizen cannot do on his or her own for justice and prosperity. The federal government not only provides services such as public education, infrastructure, and medical aid, but it is also responsible for establishing a living wage, benefits, retirement, and assistance for those out of work or disabled. The history of America is the struggle to defeat small government and meet the Constitutional objective of “prosperity for all.” If we had small government there would be no voting rights for women, blacks, Asians, or Latinos. Young children would still be working in factories, wives being battered without recourse, and slavery. Small government by its very nature is a low wage third world economy thoroughly dominated by wealth. Republicans hate Obamacare because they know once Americans are freed from the social chains imposed by wealth they will understand that small government is never good for anyone but the rich. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA. 



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