Republican gerrymandering cause of Congressional dysfunction.

Republican gerrymandering cause of Congressional dysfunction.          The threat of Obamacare after the 2010 census caused Republicans to gerrymander districts in order to elect more Republicans to Congress.  Since the 2010 elections, 80 such gerrymandered districts have formed a virtual voting block against any government action other than reduced spending and thereby created a stranglehold on the House of Representatives. “The Gerrymander 80 (G80) represent 18% of the 233 House Republicans. The G80 were elected by 14.5M, or 12% of the 118M votes cast.  Therefore, since the House of Representatives holds the purse strings of government, 18% of the total population is now controlling the other 72%.  “Obama defeated Romney by 4 points nationally. In G80 districts, Obama lost by as much as 23 points. In G80 “white only” America Obama lost by landslides and the Republican Party is becoming more dominant and popular. In the vast majority of “less white” American national politics Republicans are losing elections and popularity. Still with only a small minority how do the G80 defy the odds? Local power, controlled by Republicans is lax on imposing rules against gerrymandering.  State legislatures, where gerrymandering is most active, district alignments dictate state elections.  But Republican leadership knows better than to be led by minorities to nowhere. How then does the fringe hold sway over moderates?  Fear of being “primaried” by the vocal G80 is the answer. Not even “big labor” holds such control.  The disgraceful menace of fear now rules in American politics. Fear is how a small, extreme, demographically-shrinking minority contorts dysfunctional politics to the point where once mighty America could default on its sovereign debt and fail in global economics. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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