Time for Republicans to take their medicine

Time for Republicans to take their medicine


The Great Republican Recession of 2008 resulted in a tremendous loss of government revenue.  To help restart the economy––as has been done after all recessions––the government was forced to increase spending. Emergency spending is already back below 2008 levels, yet despite dramatically increasing revenues from a solidly rising economy, conservatives are threatening to close down the government to block healthcare reform by manufacturing a non-existent debt crisis. “We need to spank Congress,” says archconservative Mike Huckabee, “for forcing us take our (Obamacare) medicine.” Deliberately disregarding the fact that raising the debt ceiling is a temporary measure for emergency recession expenses and the fact that the deficit is already below the pre-recession levels, Huckabee champion’s ignorance:  “We ought to be able to kill ourselves if we want to without government making us well, and we’ll shut down the government to prove it.” Stocks are at record levels, 20% over pre-recession levels. But instead of helping the economy continue to grow, conservatives want to return to broken healthcare and skyrocketing healthcare prices, just so they can thumb their noses at the idea of prosperity for all Americans.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.


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