Trump Reflects Ugly America

Trump Reflects Ugly America

  • Most repudiated presidential candidate in US history, condemned by Republicans including all living former presidents, current and retired senators and congress persons, 50 former security experts, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and most US generals, business, financial, and religious leaders.
  • Openly brags, “I am smart not to pay taxes, I am smart not to pay bills when it is cheaper to default, I am smart to pay employees the lowest wages, and I am smart to malign an opponent’s personal character rather than spend a lot of time and effort working on better solutions to issues.
  • Campaign managerKellyanne Conway insists that Trump is not at fault for saying what he says. “It is not a lie when Trump has no idea if something he is saying is true.”
  • Attacked for “irresponsible testimony” by Connecticut Governor Lowell Weicker Jr.

––who Trump praised in his testimony––at the end of the trial called Trump a “dirtbag” and a bigot; to which Trump proclaimed Weicker to be a “fat slob who couldn’t get elected dog catcher in Connecticut.”

  • Trump tax proposals would add $5.3 trillion dollars in national debt, his immigration policy shipping out 11 million tax paying workers cut $4 trillion from economic revenues, and his military expenditures sound astronomical but he won’t give specifics.
  • Murky debts totaling in the billions, partnership debt in the trillions, but no tax returns.
  • $25K bribe/donation to Florida State Attorney General for favors in Trump University fraud case.
  • Dubious associations with KKK, Russian Premier Putin, Kremlin forces,
  • Calls media “scum,” except when subsidized by mountain of free press.
  • Condemns NATO, EU allies, US offering cooperation not making shrewd deals.
  • Says US in shambles, yet economy, income, and employment highest since 1990s, despite eight years of Republican obstructionism.
  • Says US in crisis because of racial protests, not actual racism.
  • Entrenched bigot, conspiracy fabulist, shyster, and business defaulter, disparager of allies, sexual deviate, multiple marriages, violence crowd baiter, anti-women-blacks-immigrants-native Americans, and first and foremost a horrendous name caller.
  • No voting record. No military record. No business records. No tax return records.
  • No medical records, except five minute doctor notes stating his results were positive, and a page without numbers he may have written himself.
  • Four draft dogging dispensations from military duty; bone spurs kept him out of Vietnam.
  • Asked what sacrifice made for country, says he made great sacrifice building his business.
  • Brags of buying politicians, contributing to Clintons, star celebrity power, then condemns same but not himself.
  • Answers one lie with another, like I didn’t say Obama was not a citizen, I said Clinton said so.
  • Promises to bring back manufacturing jobs, but at no benefit, minimum wages.
  • Opinions based on: Everybody tells me so, it’s the truth, all my friends agree.
  • Calls fact checkers morons and verbatim reports as misinterpretations.
  • Vows he will get those who contradict him, oppose his position, competitors who challenge him, and anyone he doesn’t like.
  • Taunted Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” for her native ancestry.
  • Condemns war hero John McCain, saying heroes don’t get caught.
  • Condemns war hero Muslim gold medal family of Army Captain who gave his life for his men in Afghanistan.
  • Urges followers to respond to protesters by “punching them in the mouth.
  • Refers to his back support as “Look, there is one in the crowd.”
  • Condemns Native American casino competitors as, “they don’t look like Indians,” ranting about Congress sucking up to criminals on reservations.
  • Four Bankruptcies, multiple defaults, and myriad of deceptions include; Winery, Real Estate School, Major hotels, resorts, casinos, golf courses and ,
  • Says he opposed Iraq War but record show opposite.
  • Claims Obama and Clinton started ISIS, and Clinton responsible for Iraq War.
  • Original sponsor of Obama not a US citizen, Birther conspiracy, now says never was.
  • Unbeliever in man made climate change, said in Miami as streets raised to halt salt water invasion.
  • Claims he is a billionaire because he feels his investments are worth billions, but no records.
  • Certified 70% of statements as mostly untrue or pants on fire liar by Politifact
  • Claims business acumen and personal wealth are ample evidence of great presidential qualifications, however, a long list of lost contracts, bankruptcies, defaults, deceptions and indifference to investors––according to regulatory, corporate and court records, sworn testimony and government investigative report––paints Trump a Master “the art of the bad deal.” created by the arrogance and recklessness of a businessman whose main talent is self-promotion.
  • Claims dissembling bad as good is the fine art of conversation, we call lying.
  • Calls women “bleeders, bitches, fat pigs, old hags, losers, crooked, criminals,
  • Calls immigrants thieves, drug runners, terrorists taking white jobs.
  • Calls civil rights protesters criminals.
  • Calls native Americans in casinos criminals worse than Chicago gangsters.
  • Make America Great Again, translates “White privileged and racist”.
  • Condemns political correctness so people can continue intolerance.
  • Condemns anti-racism protests as anti law and order.
  • Calls on 2nd Amendment gun owners to make sure conservatives control SCOTUS.
  • Calls on 2nd Amendment gun owners to disarm Clinton’s bodyguards and see what happens.
  • Tells blacks suffering under Republican controlled anti-civil rights legislation to vote for him as “What do you have to lose,” logic.
  • Claims he knows more about ISIS than all the US generals.
  • Constantly questions why US nuclear weapons are not used in the Middle East. Disregards killing millions of civilians and starting WWIII.
  • Wants Mexico to pay for and build a wall to keep out workers who do jobs American won’t. Would deport 12 million families, costing the economy four trillion dollars in production.
  • Against casino competition he is a natavist, to his base America first, and pro Brexit.
  • Brags of relying on magazines to get his news, facts.
  • Brags never retracts, never regrets, but never solves problems since he won’t admit them, and like a fanatic, doubles down when he has already lost.
  • Calls anything that doesn’t turn out his way as corrupt, and rigged against him.
  • 13 most notable Trump conspiracy theories: Ted Cruz’s father’s potential ties President John F. Kennedy’s assassin. President Obama’s fake birth certificate. Former Bill Clinton aide’ Vince Foster’s suicide. Syrian refugees are ISIS terrorists. ISIS-linked terrorist attempted to charge at Trump on stage. Foul Play in Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death. Questions about whether childhood vaccines cause autism. Muslims in New Jersey were cheering after 9/11. Wives of 9/11 hijackers fled to Saudi Arabia before the attacks. Scientific illegitimacy of climate change. Asbestos is a “great con.” Marco Rubio’s presidential eligibility. Fox News owned by a Saudi billionaire. Trump is a candidate planted to help Hillary Clinton win the election.       Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.
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Clarity Clinton versus Bluster Trump

Clarity Clinton versus Bluster Trump: After a lifetime of distinguished public service, Hillary Clinton has rolled out detailed solutions organized by a nationwide staff of experts and concerned citizens for resolving national issues. Trump with no public sacrifice to provide insight simply blathers of vague goals with hate-bating sloganeering. Clinton’s assembly of Americans for Progress proposes while Trump discombobulates and his family discusses among themselves what they want for Christmas. Clinton offers detailed plans for America’s failing infrastructure, while Trump photo ops next to sand bags. Clinton blueprints reforms for autism, health cost cuts, and mental health. Trump declares everyone will get what they need from me. Clinton tackles voting rights restrictions, civil rights discontent, and gun safety for the mentally ill. Trump beats the drum for 2nd Amendment types to decide who will be the next Supreme Court Justices. Trump is and then is not going to ship out all or some of 11 million immigrants, while Clinton details mending decades old broken immigration requirements. Trump wants fewer restrictions on clean air and clean water; more drilling, logging, and mining in National Monument Parks. Clinton says lets not lose our hard-won protections. Trump offers temporary local jobs to those who vote for him while endangering the environment and the climate for everyone else. Clinton suggests, “We are stronger as a nation together.” Trump tells his bitter audience they are better off staying apart. Trump’s base does not care if Trump has no policy goals. Angry losers of white privileges don’t want government for all. Clinton is the future. Trump, the past. Clinton asks us to lean forward. Trump would have you bend over and move back. Clinton’s detailed policy proposals show hard work, lengthy conference sessions, and the compromise of many different voices that allow you the voter to judge for yourself. Trump’s response, “I tell you when I’m ready, you don’t need to concern yourself with all the details, and anyway I don’t want to broadcast to the enemy.” Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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Republican Modus Operandi: create failure, blame the victim.

Republican Modus Operandi: create failure, blame the victim.             (Healthcare) Republicans could not stop Obamacare, so they restricted it from succeeding. Republican states refused 30 million with access to healthcare insurance. The 20 million newly insured under Affordable Care Act are insufficient numbers to offset inflationary insurance costs. Pacts with Republicans for allowing passage of the ACA law also severely limit insurance packaging and promote higher prices, further cutting the numbers of newly insured. (Economy) After the Great Republican Recession, Republicans made the failure of Obama their number one priority. Republicans offered no recovery bills and voted against; new jobs, new industries, unemployment insurance, and new technology. Republicans were willing for the American economy to fail in order to blame Obama for lack of recovery. (Civil Rights) In the decades old war on drugs, white officials wrote the sentencing guidelines dictating that blacks were 100 to 1 times more likely to be sentenced than whites. A quarter million blacks have been imprisoned destroying millions of families and neighborhoods. Due to the color their skin, blacks are disrespected and disparaged on a daily basis forcing blacks into a cultural concentration camp culture where blacks start off life social levels behind whites, restricted to ghettos, the last to be hired, the first to be fired, with the lowest paid jobs, the worst schools, the least transportation, the unhealthiest markets, unable to move into white neighborhoods, let alone walk through them without risk of being shot. Meanwhile Republicans promote Law and Order without Justice and blame black for protesting as victims. (Education) Republicans don’t want government in the business of helping citizens succeed through public education. The volume of outstanding student loans has skyrocketed due to Republicans in Congress maintaining high levels of student loan interest rates. Republicans are attacking unpaid student loans when they are the ones at fault for demanding high interest rates. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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When will we end the disastrous war on drugs?

 When will we end the disastrous war on drugs?  Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis…the War on Drugs is devastating neighborhoods already floundering under a concentration camp culture of white tyranny. In the US Civil War a quarter million Southern male head of households were killed leaving a quarter million women, millions of children, grandparents and relatives, farms, businesses, and trades totally bereft, relying on public charity. The War on Drugs has produced the same phenomenon among US blacks. More than a quarter million black households have been devastated by the mass incarceration of young males, most of which were imprisoned for nonviolent and minor drug offenses. Until the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010, the rate of imprisonment for drug offenses was one hundred blacks for every white person due to the disparity of sentencing rules for possession of crack, used by blacks, compared to cocaine powder, preferred by whites. Because of the decades old disparity of sentencing, established and maintained by white officials, blacks and their families and their communities have been devastated by the worst racial domestic policy of our time. Not only were millions of Americans deleted from potential economic productivity and relegated to welfare, but the requirements of mass incarceration took agents, courts and resources away from prevention and dealing with violent crime, in order to enforce minor and non-violent offenses. At the same time of our economic loss, the private for profit prison institutions grew feeding off the expansion of petty drug offender prison terms. While taxpayers funded misdirected law enforcement and made up for the lost revenues private industry was feeding at the government trough. The taxpayers waste of money used to pay for a dysfunctional war on drugs could have sent an entire generation of American youths through four years of college and be paying dividends instead of continuing to contribute to disaster.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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Ignorant, confused and angry

Ignorant, confused and angry: “I’ve worked all my life,” say many angry Americans. “The government should not provide healthcare insurance. They are giving our tax money to lazy people.” What these angry people won’t stop to think about is that their own jobs provided them with medical benefits. The Affordable Care Act does not offer health insurance, it offers ACCESS to buying health insurance. The ACA (Obamacare) does not give away tax dollars, it assists the noninsured so they won’t have to use tax dollars in emergency rooms.  “Get a second job,” angry people rant not listening to explanations…“move out of the ghetto, get an education, stop hanging around with dysfunctional neighbors…”  The litany of white complaints comes from deliberate ignorance.  Most poor workers have two or more jobs, cannot quit work for school, can’t find a good job, can’t buy in white neighborhoods, can only afford unreliable public transportation, lack many social resources, and are the last to be hired and the first to be fired.  Worst of all they are subjected on a daily basis to disrespect for nothing more than the color of their skin. The angry people are not only acting deliberately ignorant they are constantly being confused by misinformation coming from conservative talk media spewing out propaganda; “blacks are stealing white people’s hard won status.” Ever since anti-segregation laws went into effect, white supremacists have been coming out of the closet to demonize black protesters.  The Sheriff of Milwaukee recently tweeted a typical conservative derogatory remark, “Black lies matter,” he derided. “It is their own fault that blacks are part of a dysfunctional culture.”  As the Sheriff saluted his conservative white audience, he warned them against protestors listening to “inane political solutions” as if Just Say No would solve every problem.” Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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Is Trump the end of the Republican Party?

Is Trump the end of the Republican Party?  Clinton consistently polls 45% public favorability, the same as Obama did in the fall of 2008. Republicans have spent billions of dollars in propaganda to demonize both Obama and Clinton to distract the public from the fact that Republicans are the do-nothing Party. Republicans have been indoctrinated to think Clinton is disliked as much as Trump. The coming election will show just how far the Republican Party is out of touch with America. Bernie supporters will vote Clinton proving there are not anti-Clinton just pro-Sanders. All women who can think logically will support Clinton taking here well over the top in nationwide voting. The coming election will prove America believes is more important to have a woman in the White House than how many times Republican panels can clear Clinton of Benghazi. Messy emails will be seen as far less important than another Republican Recession under Trump. The baggage of a well-known, highly qualified candidate like Hillary Clinton brings to office will be seen as far less of a problem that the fact that Trump is liable to start WWIII. The business community is firmly behind Clinton and thinks Trump would be a disaster. The military is firmly behind Clinton and the only dorks are those who think women with children can’t make hard choices. Educated Americans see Clinton as a middle of the road candidate with whom everyone has an equal chance of being heard, while Trump is replete with mannerisms that can destroy our society. There has never been as big a contrast in candidates as exists between Clinton and Trump. Once and for all the results of the coming election will show that Trump has tolled the end of the Republican Party’s viability.

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Welfare once was ok

During the Great Depression, and for a decade after due to devastating droughts, the idea of government aiding the poor, especially farm workers, was acceptable to the public. With the passage of laws to halt segregation in the 1960s, suddenly welfare became a dirty word. Once blacks became part of the government aid, conservatives began campaigning that welfare was a bad idea. Government handouts––conservatives narrated––created a permanently dependent class and incentivised not working. Hearing this conservative propaganda constantly droned into the public forum through every possible communications format altered the public’s image of welfare. Billions of dollars and Fox TV morphed welfare recipients into “takers not givers,” Romney’s 47% moochers,” despite the fact that poor whites still require the greatest percentage of government assistance expenditures. It was the simple idea that blacks were included that galled conservatives into setting their dogs loose to kill welfare. As long as welfare was for whites, welfare was ok. As long as business got government handouts that was even better. Business was “entitled” to trillions,” but include a refrigerator in a poor black’s slum project and over night entitlements became a threat to civilization. Welfare was once a guilt assuaging “hand out” to the downtrodden. Once welfare became a “hand up” to lift the downtrodden conservatives sent out their converted minions to slam closed the gates of equal opportunity. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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