Immigrants made America great

Immigrants made America great: Every generation of Americans has fears about new immigrants. Will they take away jobs? Will they change the American way of life? Will crime increase and neighborhoods deteriorate? Every generation’s fears about immigrants has disappeared through inevitable assimilation. German immigrants in the colonies almost started a war over taxes, yet Germans were the major contributors of troops in the Civil War against slavery. Irish were treated like dogs in burgeoning urban centers, yet built our nation’s railroad system into the world’s largest transportation network. Scandinavians opened the logging industry, Russians turned prairies into a breadbasket of wheat. Eastern Europeans were imported by entire towns to mine minerals turning western territories into states. For a hundred and fifty years Hispanics have been imported to pick fruit, garden homes, clean hospices, the grunt labor newly prosperous Americans no longer wanted. Today Hispanics make up the fastest growing and largest group of small business owners, and the majority of employers. Immigrants made America into the most powerful nation in history. Every new generation of immigrants is the hardest working and most productive workforce and the major factor imbuing new energy into those who came before. Fear of immigrants is not new. Anger at immigrants has always been used by the unscrupulous to garner power and wealth. Immigration, however, is the lifeblood of American greatness. Greed excites passions, but a greater America can only come about when the chemistry of new blood revitalizes the lassitude of routine. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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Once upon a time there was a fake president of the United States.

Once upon a time there was a fake president of the United States. Everyone knew he was a fake president because he was always spouting fake news from unreliable sources, with no evidence, and full of preconceived opinions instead of facts. He had a trumped up name, but most people called him a liar. This fake president was a blowhard. He liked to call people names. It made him feel good to put down others. It made him feel even better to make those who criticized his errors feel his pain. It helped that he was able to belittle others for his own inabilities. Our fake president had a shallow mind and very little ability to reason beyond his own needs. To impress others, our fake president would make boisterous pronouncements believing loud conveyed importance. When questioned for details or clarification, Mr. fake president turned childish and petty, resentful of the idea that what he said could actually be at fault. As a result of his lack of forethought he quite often reversed himself often not knowing he had done so. He called others who changed their minds flip-floppers, yet Mr. fake was well known for being against something before he was for it then changing back without explaining why. Most of the positions this fake president held were generalized notions he had heard from acquaintances in his clique, slanted fake news stations, and those who pandered to wealth and notoriety. As a fake president, he knew he was elected to govern and expected to prepare for his lack of experience. Instead he ruled by fiat issuing daily edicts supplemented by lashing out with personal tweeting rants. Before he was elected by, what in his words was a rigged election process, this fake presidential candidate made such outrageous statements that no one thought he was capable of properly executing any public office let alone president. They were right. But it did not matter if a fake president ruled poorly. His followers did not like government and were always happy to see it fail. To complainers, the fake president would respond that he won the election––rigged or not, and he was the president––like it or not. The Republican party, whose leadership he soundly condemned, lined up behind him in lock step knowing that while they may be supporting a fake president, he was a fake they could use to obtain their political ends. People across the nation raged in protests. In every town hall they called his policies damned. Republicans feared a backlash, but knowing the public was fickle, they hoped enough time would pass that people would forget. The key, Republicans reasoned, was cutting taxes, cutting regulations, and cutting expenditures. Make enough money and who cares about fake presidents, party principles and ethical standards. Big bank accounts rule. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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Cutting regulations sells freedom for profits

Cutting regulations sells freedom for profits: Liberty and freedom only exist as citizen rights when established by mutual consent of the people. Rules and regulations define what the citizens have agreed to as good for the community as a whole. Regulations that are cut, reduced and restricted, for special interests such as business profit, take away citizen liberty and freedom. Citizens of a country own the land and the rights to exploit all resources. Business is a privilege, not a right, granted by the people. Business does not have the right to use the wealth generated by its commercial privileges to purchase (bribe, fund, or financially persuade) control of government and thereby restrict regulations to the detriment of the community, particularly when regulation cuts are made in order to increase profits. Cutting EPA regulations, ignoring man-made damage to the climate, and creating new laws that negatively affect clean air, clean water, and a clean environment take away the rights of citizens to control their own destiny. We are all lesser for the fact that government control is in the hands of those who would sell our liberty and freedom for the price of unhealthy jobs. Money should never be so all-powerful that the greatness of a nation is determined by the wealth of its citizens. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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America is burning

America is burning

The beacon shining on the hill is fading.

Lady Liberty hangs her head. Greater profits

Kindle fires of destructive government, while

Wealth has Reform under constant threat.


Decades of protective regulations are destroyed

In the name of harmful employment;

National monuments up for sale

To the quick buck and cheap paycheck.


An inveterate liar pollutes the White House,

Tarnishes the office of the President;

Ten million dreams subverted by unfounded fears,

Propaganda strangles, truth asphyxiates.


Steeped in fake news, too many

Tire of shouldering a heavy load, find fault

In generosity, turn away the needy,

Finding solace in unfounded evidence.


We are all lesser for government control

In hands which would sell our liberty

for the price of profits. Money should

Never be the greatness of a nation.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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“See No Evil” enables evi

“See No Evil” enables evil: If something inconveniences profits, Trump doesn’t want to hear about it. Jobs mean ignoring harmful burning coal and other fossil fuels and disbanding greenhouse gas analysis and throwing away their findings. Trump wants to bring back the coal industry. Coal mining and burning kills people. Support Trump’s jobs and you support their evil consequences. “Employees who want jobs,” taunts a smug Trump, “must live with health problems.” Don’t expect Trump to care about American workers when profits are at stake. Don’t expect the unemployed to turn down a paycheck no matter the risk. To Trump the Clean Power Plan as anti-jobs, the Consumer Protection Agency as anti-jobs, and Climate Change a Chinese hoax to steal US jobs, regardless that Mar-a-Lago is sinking in Florida saltwater. Trump has called Keystone protests anti-jobs, the Affordable Care Act a job killer, indeed every government regulation as limiting jobs. Do we really need jobs that harm people? Are corporations so special their profits are above the law? Profits have no ethics, no morals, no accountability. Trump wants to sell attack planes to African genocide-dealing rebels, tanks to Middle Eastern fringe groups, and arm both India and Pakistan against each other. Without regulations injuries, sickness and earlier deaths make America’s workers pay the ultimate price for “See No Evil” values. Indifference, no matter how you view it, is just another face of evil. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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Trump’s first 100 days of repeated failure

Trump’s first 100 days of repeated failure: In Trump’s words if you don’t win you are a loser: Muslim ban blocked. Obamacare repeal blocked. Border wall blocked. Defunding sanctuary cities blocked. Mexico or Republicans pay to build wall failed. Federal hiring freeze removed after one month. Ban on White House officials becoming lobbyists ignored. No ethics reform legislation to “drain the swamp” in Washington. No term-limits amendment. NAFTA no longer renegotiated. Few Obama programs rescinded. Appeal to Republicans to cut Medicare failed. Appeal to Democrats to save medical cuts in exchange for building wall failed. “American goods only” not used on Keystone. Melania Trump product line gets free entry after dinner for China at Lago. EPA cuts increase worker health problems. Two election staff caught spying for Russia. Temporary Justice Department head to testify against administration. Three cabinet posts declined. Two former security advisers under scrutiny for spying. Jobs saved under Trump planned under Obama. Six million women march in national anti-Trump protest. Two multi-million marchers to expose Trump taxes, immigration reform. Chief Justice rescues self in spying case. Constant verbal vilifying media, courts. Federal Justices slandered by name. Increased fighting in Middle East. Increased US interest in expanding wars Syria, Iraq. Increased and undisclosed troop numbers in Middle East. 59 Tomahawk bombed Syria airbase responsible for gas bombings still in use. Mother of all bombs in Afghanistan of little strategic value. US navy fleet allegedly sent to menace Korea actually in Australia. German Chancellor insulted. Melania Trump booed in Germany. No evidence of unfounded assertion of Obama wiretap. Nationwide open city resistance to federal ICE. Town halls across the nation flooded with protestors. Evidence mounting of Russia’s helping to defeat Clinton in election. Former aides indicted for breaking US laws. O’Reilly, Ales, fired for sex crimes called “good guys” by Trump, the self-admitted pervert. Trump continues to praise strong man, quasi-dictatorships as, “smart guys,” including Putin (Russia), Erdogen (Turkey), Kim Jung-un (N. Korea), and Duterte (Philippines).

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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Trump teeters on disaster

Trump teeters on disaster: Before Trump was for it, he was against it: Russia, China, Syria, NATO, and CIA. “I’m very capable of changing to anything I want to,” he childishly brags. The point is that change is not because Trump new experiences are changing him; it’s the fact that Trump’s lack of leadership experience and ill-planned policies lead to disaster. Trump’s “mother of all bombs” in Afghanistan achieved nothing but ranking him up there with Saddam Hussein’s mother of all wars in Iraq. Trump’s dump the Washington establishment has been abandoned as appointments are filled with long time bureaucrats. Draft dodger Trump has a Secretary of State who says one thing while Trump says another playing both ends against the middle. Trump is leading from behind as China sets policy for N. Korea; meanwhile petty Trump twitters suck us closer to getting nuked. We have been in constant small wars since the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. Regardless of promises to say out of foreign wars, given Trump’s need for approval he is more likely to start WWIII than to stop policing the world. Some supporters love Trump’s threats to separate mothers from children to scare immigrants. Some approve of bullying instead of diplomatic cooperation and persuasion. Over all, however, Hoover, Coolidge, Nixon, Bush and now Trump, show a dangerous Republican pattern of choosing losers as leaders. Since 1900 we’ve had eight consecutive Republican recessions and depressions that have proven beyond a doubt that conservatives do not know how to run an economy let alone a government. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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