Trumpian incivility.

Trumpian incivility.  What can we say except to apologize to our British and European allies for the immature babble of baby-idiot. Trump has shamed what it means to be an American. Trump has proven America can elect a wannabe dictator like Trump who traitorously choses Putin and Russia over his own government. Trump has proven that Republicans are willing to sell their moral code for a tax cut and conservative SCOTUS.  Trump has degraded women, maligned disabled soldiers, despised hard-working blacks, and turned a cold heart toward starving immigrants, and he has done so shamelessly, relentlessly and remorselessly. Trump as pummeled decency, civility, truth, honor and made a veritable mockery of the “American way of life.” Trump belittles, slanders, and denigrates anyone who questions him at every opportunity, and then lies to cover his lies with more lies.  Trump spews hate in speeches, twitters, and random rants, blatantly inflaming passions instead of reason. Trump is an ignorant, uncultured, base-motivated, crass individual with little regard for all Americans, who constantly praises other national leaders exerting total control of their own people. Trump has used his office like a Nazi dictator and Fox news like a Nazi propaganda machine to promote hate, distrust, and misinformation. Trump has a blatant disregard for long-enduring institutions like freedom of the press and human rights and has used all his power to sabotage highly-regarded long-standing American institutions like the FBI and American intelligence.  Trump obstructs justice and casts aspersions as quickly and easily as breathing. Trump not only boasts that he personifies his disgusting traits, Trump’s followers revel in his disreputable, nasty disposition. There has been a noticeable lowering under Trump of civil liberties as exemplified by Fox.  Sean Hannity blaming Congresswoman Maxine Waters for gun massacre violence.  Ann Coulter’s no evidence claim that crying immigrant children are “Child Actors.”  Radical Yiannopoulos: “I can’t wait for the vigilante squads to start gunning journalists down.” There is an obvious odor emanating from for such flagrantly indecent behavior. Trump has set the bar in the toilet for American society. Trump tweets, Fox repeats, and from their minions lies, innuendos, and falsehoods morph into the truthiness of propagandized repetition. Let it be established beyond any reasonable doubt that Trump is responsible for lowering the standard of America’s incivility. When Trump tweets hate with sincere regularity, it’s no wonder those surrounding him compete for cheap notoriety. When Trump degrades, the dishonorable and indecent simply praise Trump’s audacity. America has been infected with the disease of incivility, a highly contagious and easily spread disease that flourishes among those who need to be noticed to feel important. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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