America’s New Aristocracy.

America’s New Aristocracy.  My generation was supposed to raise up all Americans to a better opportunity.  Instead we rigged the system to protect ourselves as winners. Fifty years ago, the most talented baby boomers used their ingenuity to gain control of the economy.  They were smart, hungry strivers who achieved the best jobs and succeeded in an upward mobility system guided by merit.  Once in the driver’s seat, however, instead of reaffirming the benefits of meritocracy, this aristocracy of corporate nouveau riche began to consolidate their winnings, outsmart government controls, and close off the economic ladder so few could challenge their primacy. Reengineering the political landscape with battalions of lawyers, they watered down regulations and surrounded themselves with a “moat” of legal protection from accountability. Through use of due process guaranteed by the first amendment these achievers overpowered government officials, bought off legislators with funding, and wrote new laws that said corporations had a voice In government. Employing a 20 to 1 ratio of corporate lobbyists to every legislator, they watered down regulations, rewrote the new law recommendations and got them adopted, and buried the government opposition in legal paperwork. Meantime over the past fifty years, wages stagnated, manufacturing closed down, jobs fled overseas, and investment policy turned sharply inward to the short term returns.  Unprotected worker’s lost their confidence in government, unions, and traditional pathways of employment.  When the market fell in 2008, worker savings were devastated, mortgage equity dried up and unemployment mirrored the Great Depression. Meanwhile, the same corporations who’s excess risks caused the market downfall persuaded government that big banks could not afford to fail, that no was at fault and nobody went to jail. The result is a divided nation of those who don’t need government who sabotage recovery and safety because it diminishes profits, and which promotes the American ideal that everyone should fend for themselves. The winners were well protected and the workers left unprotected thus setting the stage of an angry nation and the election of Trump.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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