Trump and the GOP are destroying the public’s moral compass.

Trump and the GOP are destroying the public’s moral compass: Morals are taught as lessons with rules for proper conduct. Morals are encouraged by obedience to rules to maintain social acceptance.  Immorality and disobedience to social rules is punished by being shunned or shamed.  Morals, however, are weakly understood both socially and biologically. As a result, people who act amorally cover their guilt by making excuses. As President of the United State and leader of the Republican Party and Conservatives, Trump’s amoral acts and immoral excuses are destroying America’s moral compass. Trump immorality is sticking his hand up married women’s skirts and bragging he can get away with it. Trump immorality is hindering the FBI investigation into Russian interference with US elections and condemning American intelligence services. Trump immorality is blaming a war veteran for becoming a prisoner of war, mocking a former President for the color of his skin, excoriating our cherished tradition of free press for publishing inconvenient facts. Trump immorality is racist, anti-democracy, anti-free speech, anti-freedom of religion, anti-global alliances, war-mongering, and indecencies too many to list. If the President can be seen repeatedly to act amorally, and the leaders of the Republican Party and Conservatives support Trump’s immorality, then everyone can break the rules when they feel like it. Trump fake news has much of America wondering just what the truth really is. If you can’t believe in your politically biased church, you can’t believe in the free press, you can’t believe in the experts, in the wise or even in the experienced, just what can you believe in? Well, you can believe this: Trump fake news and Trump alternative truths is what life is like when you have lost your moral compass. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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