Horse and Sparrow tax scam

Horse and Sparrow tax scam:  Tax cuts which ended up mainly for the rich failed to generate a better economy under Reagan and both the Bushes. The income gap between rich and not-rich has grown every year since l970. In the eighties failed tax cuts led to the Financial Crisis. In the nineties income turned down when the technology bubble burst. By 2007 the rich man’s mortgage fraud meltdown gave us a decade of the great Republican Recession. Every time conservatives claimed tax cuts would spur economy, instead tax cuts led to stock buy-backs, unbridled high-risk ventures, overseas marketing and offshore bank accounts.  America’s economic gap between rich and middle class today is worse than eighteenth century France before their revolution. Poor people stay poor until they have decent jobs. People buy when the have money to spend. Consumer buying creates demand and only demand creates jobs. Tax cuts are nothing more than the horse and sparrow theory: Feed the horse enough oats and some will pass through to the road for the sparrow. The Queen of France lost her head when she told workers who had no bread to eat cake. Conservatives tax cuts are telling America’s workers to find their dreams in horse dung. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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