War, the American way of life

War, the American way of life:  There are few scenes more heart-rendering than a parent or spouse overwhelmed by the death of a loved one. The sorrowful pieta sculptures and paintings attest to the universal angst of untimely demise. Despite the hundreds of thousands of loved ones killed and the tens of millions permanently injured––both a devastating loss and a horrendous burden on all society––the US has spurred the apocalypse more often than any other nation over the past century; thirty-five separate non-stop wars over the past seven decades.  One million, three hundred thousand US soldiers are presently in harms’ way, war-ready at foreign military bases around the world––more than half in the Middle East, the other half in Asia, Africa and Europe, with a smattering in South America. Only 1% of the mighty US military machine stands guard along US bastions in defense of the homeland. Meanwhile billions and billions of dollars in US military weaponry, enough to wipe out the world, is housed on foreign soil. Wars in the Middle East involving US combat forces and US weapons have killed and maimed and made homeless more civilians—fathers and mothers, husbands and wives and their children than all other US wars combined. The so-called US Department of Defense does not exist for the “Defense” of America. US soldiers are stationed around the world, not to defend and protect the US, but to ensure our national interests.  A military-backed foreign policy is how the US pursues its so-called national defense.  War to protect “standard oil” is now the American way of life.  Like ancient Rome, military aggression has become a substitute for diplomacy, constant war and constant death in the place of negotiated peace. Someone should do something to correct our errant way of life. Someone should step up to right this wrong. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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