Crimes against humanity

Crimes against humanity:  International courts deal with crimes against humanity––genocide, torture, political, racial or religious persecution––by using human rights as a framework of justice.  But there is another sort of crime-against-humanity created by social beliefs and political considerations.  Denial of man-made climate change, for example, is a social and political issue that is endangering not only the planet but the all mankind. Segments of society that consider climate change hoax are endangering everybody along with themselves. Denial of the existence of climate change and therefore endangering the general public makes denial of climate change a crime.  And, not only is such denial a crime in itself, but the mass action of denial impedes finding a reasonable solution. Humanity cannot wait for climate change deniers to accept reality. We must halt the deluge of CO2 emissions or we will all suffer the catastrophic consequences. For the good of the planet and for the good of all mankind, climate change deniers must be treated as social criminals and exposed for the dangers that climate change denial represents and publicly labeled as committing crimes against humanity.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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