Why deny climate change?

Why deny climate change?  Climate change has become a matter of ethics and polarized people: CO2 emissions are bad. Emitters are guilty of sin.  Concern over the danger, while enjoying the benefits, is hypocritical.  Moral responsibility lies at the crux of the matter and some people would rather deny climate change than admit they are guilty and doing nothing about it.  To make matters worse, Republicans have seized upon human frailties and politicized climate change as a hoax. Denial not only helps avoid business restrictions, it rallies base voters that don’t like change at all.  Meanwhile, carbon-dioxide pours into the planet’s atmosphere at the rate of billions of tons a day––as it has for the past almost three-hundred-year industrial revolution. The planet gets hotter, droughts more frequent and longer, famine spread due to drought, hurricanes are now more ferocious and devastating, and wild fire seasons are longer and more severe decade after decade. Denying climate change has reached a level close to the threshold of permanent change. Denying climate change endangers the whole world, and as such is a crime against humanity. Those who are trying to solve the problem are being put further in danger by those whose denial creates the problem’s very existence. We know people deny climate change to avoid guilt. The question is how do we change the issue from ethics to practicality’ how do we and foster a social climate of win-win climate change fix? Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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