Evil Trump

Evil Trump: Trump, and his ilk, would like you to believe, “It’s normal for men to joke about pawing women.” No, it’s not acceptable to joke about pawing women, let alone brag about it in public. Some men degrade women, but the acceptance of nasty behavior is evil. If you support Trump you are enabling evil.  Anyone who believes Trump is not a nasty person is lying to themselves. Trump brags about cheating on his taxes, sticking his hand up married women’s skirts, and lying to cover up lying.  It’s as plain, months after the election, as the nose on your face, a vote for Trump was a vote for crooks, liars, and cheats. Supporting Trump is nothing less than supporting evil. Supporting evil to get a tax cut is evil. Playing nuclear chicken with a psychotic like Kim Jung-un is evil.  Mocking veterans captured in war is evil. Voting for Trump to get another conservative on the Supreme Court was evil. Not immediately condemning overt racism is evil. Keeping millions of Americans from healthcare reform is evil. Voting for Trump just to spit in the eye of a government that serves all the people and not just a few was evil.  Silence in the face of Trump evil makes you complicit. When you stand with evil you stand for evil.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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