Trump: Condemn, or condone!

Trump: Condemn, or condone!  Failure to condemn Donald Trump is to condone him. If you do not condemn Trump obscenities against US prisoners of war as “poor soldiers for having been captured”, against died-in-battle veterans, “as what they signed up for,” then you condone his obscenities and are equally guilty of “vicious evil intent.” If you do not condemn Trump you approve his foul-mouthed language, his perversions against women, his sniveling childish lashing out at inconvenient truth. Even Trump’s rants at cabinet members and Republican leaders sound like a Mafioso capo’s tantrums preaching fear to hired underlings.  March in Trump’s parade of hatred, bigotry and intolerance and you support the evil of his warped personality and destructive administration. To support Trump is to encourage cheating, unfairness, racism, and perversion. To support Trump is to endorse selfishness, irresponsibility and incivility.  Never before has any President let alone public figure lied so often, backed up his lies with greater lies, and tried to hide lies by claiming to never having lied in the first place. Only racists applaud Trump encouraging NFL owners to acts as plantation slave drivers. Only white supremacists spread hatred by applauding Trump criticizing a citizen’s right to protest. There is so much obviously and repeatedly wrong with Trump and his ilk that the mildest invective against Trump seems lenient and permissive. Criticism of Trump, however, is not intent on destroying Trump, Hannity or Fox, you can’t destroy inherent evil. Obscenities must be marginalized, delegitimized, exposed for immoralities, and shamed for lack of decency. Obscenities like Trump, or espoused by Trump tweets, must be met with public condemnation from all levels of society and by all civilized human beings. Otherwise obscenities, like resident evil becomes the norm, pervasive, commonplace and condoned.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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