Cowering to gun fanaticism

Cowering to gun fanaticism:  Not many people know there have been 134 mass shootings over the past fifty years. More people are being killed in each new mass murder than the last on an average basis.  Mass murder deaths are occurring not because of lone wolf individuals, but as a result of an American subculture of gun fanatics, supergunowers that have formed an identity, a like-minded community whose underlying ideology is White Male Power and physical domination. The Las Vegas mass murders were committed by a guy with forty-seven guns in his personal arsenal. All legally obtained. All easily purchased. All part of this subculture of white male extremism; angry white males who feel entitled to hyper-masculine murder toys.  Radicalized under the concept of personal freedom entitlement and discontent with society and government, the average gun fanatic has 17 guns for his personal protection.  Supergunowners bond their recreational time and personal identity with guns and the gun fanatic subculture.  Together in their tribal brotherhood of guns, they watch gun related shows, seek out gun related entertainment and promote the dissemination of guns for protection information.  Gun fanatics firmly believe that the right to own guns is absolutely essential to their own sense of personal freedom.  Being friends and associating with other supergunowners and gun fanatics is very important to their personal identity. Talking only to other gun fanatics like themselves they reinforce their shared beliefs into religious dogma. Guns are the gun fanatic’s way of life. Meanwhile as sheep huddled together in a herd mentality, we comfort ourselves thinking mass murders are lone wolves, mentally anomalies, impossible to control or restrain. How long will thousands of Americans continue to die before we recognize that there is a whole pack of gun-fanatic wolves at our doorstep. Wolves that are preying on public indifference; eating us alive, while we cower in the shadows, content that the news is not about our family or friends who died in the latest mass murder.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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