Freedom is childish excuse for carrying a weapon.  

Freedom is childish excuse for carrying a weapon.   It’s a proven fact that guns don’t protect, they promote violence. The real problem, however, is not guns, but the need for some Americans to maintain an adolescent myth of individual freedom. To begin with there is no such thing in the US Constitution, as individual freedoms.  Constitutional freedoms refer only to groups. The current interpretation of the right to bear arms is obsolete nonsense that promotes social misbehavior. Gun rights, tooth fairies, and Santa Claus exist only in youthful imagination. Like slavery, however, guns endanger society.  Gun rights are a white wash for social inconsideration, carelessness, and selfishness.  The facts show gun laws do work. Gun laws do prevent gun violence. The only time gun laws are less effective is when sabotaged by ignorance. What happens is that gun people only talk to other gun people.  Notions of right and wrong come from other gun owners equally intolerant and selfish.  The gun problem will not be solved by doing away with guns, but by promoting civilized tolerance. In the meantime, automatic guns are far and away the obvious convenient weapon for massacres.  Mass murders can be reduced by laws restricting automatic firing mechanisms and high cartridge ammunition. It is a nonsense excuse to contend that by limiting gun access automatics, mass murders will turn to single shot weapons and knives. Meanwhile the best first step is to pass laws that can’t be sabotaged marginalizing automatics. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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