Trump pimps slavery to the deplorables

Trump pimps slavery to the deplorables:  We already know Trump stokes the fires of antagonism in order to distract the public from his parade of misdeeds. Investigated for the crime of “obstruction of justice” Trump continues to obstruct justice by; threatening the media for leaking the details of his crime, firing the FBI Director for not acceding to his demands to drop the investigation, denouncing R. Senate Leader, Mitch McConnell for not halting congressional investigation committees, and attempting to twitter-shift a felony crime to the category of petty politics. Trump’s “fake-wrestling-mentality” approach to the presidency indicates mental illness. Trump’s latest fabrication, “They are taking away our heritage,” makes it sound like his ancestors were not from southern Russia but sons of the confederacy. The Civil War was about slavery. The heritage Trump is blabbering to save is slavery. We want to stop celebrating the heritage of slavery because slavery was evil. Trump’s fake-wrestling spiel to his audience says, “Applaud me, ‘bad guy’ Trump and I promise to rip out the heart of the forces of good.” Pimping to the deplorables about the loss of slavery, and “we’re just good folks, but it’s ok to punch out your neighbor” are signs of mental dysfunction. Dump Trump, he’s mentally ill.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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