Fake-wresting style president

Fake-wresting style president:  A hunk of Antarctica the size of the state of Delaware fell off recently about the same time Trump was decrying “the injustice he and his son were getting over talking business with the Russians.” The ice sheet flow has already raised global ocean levels that could bring on a deluge of homeless to swamp the Syrian refugee crisis, but Trump’s greatest efforts relate to hiding from justice. For the past two hundred days in office, dodging the critics has been Trump’s modus operandi; Emperor Nero fiddling while Rome burns. “My son is a good person,” is a standard Trump excuse. “There are good people among the alt-right.”  Trump describes all his maligned associates Flynn, O’Reilly, Ailes, Manafort, and Stone as good people.  No one is good who shows up to march for evil. Trump lives in a world where a lot of Americans would do business with the devil.  To Trump the business of government is personal gain.  Decades old national infrastructure is in decay. Americans carrying Nazi signs are killing people on the streets. Millions are dying from lack of health insurance. Constant protests have sent Republicans scurrying into holes away from constituents. Meanwhile, Trump bypasses the mainstream press, makes threats with tweets, and does family business deals around the world as nations flock to his hotels and resorts. The Trump card is to cast aspersion for lack of progress on Party leaders.  Pense, Ryan, McConnell, and Cruz see the chaos, ignore an inept CNC, and continue to support Trump to protect their own interests. Tax cuts for the rich to Republicans are the holy grail. Even a nincompoop as President is acceptable if you can get rich off his time in office. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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