A dangerous child is in the White House

A dangerous child is in the White House:  Trump is death and chaos at our doorstep. With his childish lack of anger control and a fickle finger on the nuclear button, Trump represents millions of dead in days over offhand juvenile remarks such as, “We’re going to bring fire and fury (to North Korea) like the world has never seen.” Nuclear Chicken is for immature delinquents. Diplomatic policy at the point of a gun, or a blabbermouth, kills and cripples millions.  Just like the invasion of Iraq brought us ISIS and a flood of refugees, bombing North Korea will open the doors for a worldwide Asian intifada against the United States. For eight years Obama controlled the North Korean threat by backing down Kim Il Jong skillfully altering the carrot and the stick.  Trash talk from boastful far right blowhards to nuke the slopes back to kingdom come, means annihilating South Korea, boatloads of millions of fleeing Asians, and market crashing entire economies overnight. The UN just negotiated a peaceful agreement with N. Korea, backed by a non-partisan US congress.  Then this child with no control mouths off in a position supreme power to ruin peace with an outrageous blunder. No not Kim Jung un, Donald Trump!  Now we have two megalomaniacs ranting at each other, threatening millions of innocent lives.  Trump backers don’t believe death will happen to them, but they are ready to killing half the world to save themselves. Remember the Nazi War Crimes. Unlawful presidential orders should not be obeyed by the military.  Murder by Presidential tweet is still murder, and murder is never pro-life. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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