Trump Trash Talk:  Anyone inclined to pity Republican support of Trump has only to hear Trump speak publicly to admit they are knowingly associating with a con man and a crook. Trump Talk is studded with glittering generalities like “everyone knows” demonstrating lack of information not proof.  Trump errors are listener misinterpretations and mistakes, or deliberate misquotes backed by threats, disdain, accusations, and slander. Loyalty is one-way, blame is always on someone else. The opposition is deliberately denigrated, accompanied by slurs, innuendo, and lies.  Trump Talk is the false bravado of fake wrestling, the mindless banter of circus barkers, and the smooth sneakiness of street junkies. Equating Trump Talk with “plain talk” is plain stupid, akin to pandering a thief as misunderstood.  Trump Talk always includes at least one lie. Trump cannot even talk about his family without lying about something. Trump Talk is lies to cover up lies. Trump lies so often that his lies have become commonplace, business as usual, like a politician who is lying when he says I am no politician. Trump Talk is cleaning up the swamp of Washington by instead filling his cabinet with purely predatory business thieves, incompetent flunkies and election hacks. Trump Talk is expanding the wars in the Middle East only to find his generals telling him he is losing on every front. Trump Talk is about new jobs that were actually on the docket since 2016 and an economy moving forward at the same pace as eight years under Obama. Trump Talk is disruption, setting faction against faction, put downs to make himself look good, and talking out of both sides of the mouth so as to appear on both sides an issue. Trump Talk is deliberately misleading and irrationally derived, like using a hammer to swat a fly in a splashy display of showmanship. Trump Talk is business BS laced with good old boy bar room banter, saying whatever you can get away with until you get caught. Trump Talk is a total disregard of manners, ethics, and morality, all talk and no walk.  Trump Talk is trash talk from someone uncultured and flaunting ignorance, someone loved by his ignominious base as he debases the office of the presidency. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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