Pro profit is not pro-life

Pro profit is not pro-life:  Pricing people with pre-existing medical conditions out of health insurance will kill tens of thousands of Americans every year. Trumpcare is proof that, to Republicans, profit is more valuable than life. Stripping healthcare from 23 to 36 million Americans in order to give tax breaks to the very wealthy and to insurance corporations is not pro-life.  Refusing maternity care, making insurance more expensive and harder to access, and taking away healthcare from millions of American women and children is not pro-life. Slashing Medicaid that saves lives with disabilities, low income and elderly care is not pro-life.  Raising the military budget to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent families in the Middle East is not pro-life.  Expanding the private prison system to accommodate more and longer jail sentences is not pro-life. Back-alley abortions is not pro-life. The litany of so-called pro-life hypocrisy is enough to gag any decent American citizen. Republicans don’t care a fig that Trump is a President who brings down American dignity as long as they can make a profit from his plutocracy.  Life is on the line. Repeal and replace is an undertaker’s dream. Death is Trumpcare’s greatest benefit.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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