In search of a greater purpose

In search of a greater purpose: Repeal and replace is a fish story wrapped in newsprint to hide the smell of American Greed. Medicaid covers 75 million Americans, 1/5th of our nation, 34 million children, 11 million disabled, and 7 million elderly, many living in nursing facilities. All their lives Medicaid adults were tax-paying contributors until skyrocketing heathcare greed consumed them. Republicans claim we can’t afford Medicaid, yet the hypocritical BS voted $1.45 trillion dollars for an airplane to bomb families with children in Syria. Another smelly tale Republicans haul out of the trash is, States can best care for their own. Seventeen Republican controlled States don’t participate in Medicaid and already have the heartbreakingly worst health records. Repeal and replace is a trillion dollars tax break for America’s wealthiest. American greed is a killer of Americans who care. Republican try to distract with outrageous balderdash like, “Why should men pay for women’s prenatal care?” or “Getting sick is your own fault, not mine.” Any party of small government is a party of small minds with deep pockets. Greed must be suborned to a greater purpose in life. We need to eulogize selfless deeds, stop worshiping wealth, and start praising the nobility of public mission. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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