Immigration reform is a plea for humanity

Immigration reform is a plea for humanity: For more than a century foreign workers have drifted back and forth between homes away and in the US in search of work; mostly back-breaking labor disdained by Americans. When customs languish—ignored, abused, or misused for profit––all humanity suffers. Profitable labor at minimum wages forced on the powerless is a self-fulfilling prophecy of government welfare. When the economy is good, complaints about welfare are minimal. When the economy gets tough tolerance recedes.  Dissension rises. Immigrant workers become scapegoats. Instead of reforming outdated customs Conservatives use public dissension as a whipping boy to distract public opinion from the corporate causes of economic failure.  While foreign labor yields record profits, Conservatives persuade Americans out of work to blame immigrants instead of corporate criminals. By punishing foreign workers, Conservatives continue to reap the profits of cheap labor, while retaining political power. Instead of reform, Conservatives pass laws breaking up immigrant families and sowing fear knowing that passion always dominates reason.  The average American is by nature friendly, but tell him or her, when their pockets are empty that it is patriotic to punish immigrants, and suddenly foreigners are “illegal aliens” and a threat to national security. It might be well worth noting that the average German citizen in 1935 was also a friendly fellow until times turned bad. That was when the Nazi state sold an economically suffering public on the idea that it was patriotic to kill foreigners and Jews. After all these aliens needed to be punished for taking jobs away from German patriots. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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