Trump is the king of fake news

Trump is the king of fake news: Trump broke America’s promise to lead the world in energy conservation with fake news that the agreement was costing jobs, yet renewable energy has already opened five times as many new jobs as those closed to fossil fuels. Trump fake news gave himself an “A” for time in office, while 75% of America polled him failing. Trump fake news termed the FBI investigation of his hidden Russia contacts “a witch hunt.” As Congress and the FBI continue to assemble evidence for further investigations, Trump fake news replies, “I have every right to talk to Russia about America’s secrets…Back channel negotiating is part of the job.” Trump fake news includes: “Climate change is a Chinese hoax, US generals know nothing, US intelligence is a farce. Comey was a nut case. Our Third Fleet is in North Korean waters responding to their missile threat,” (actually next to Australia.) Trump fake news is, “Demanding loyalty of Comey is not inappropriate…I never asked Comey to suspend his investigations.” Trump fake news is Trump’s administrative plan. Constant fake new confuses everyone, confuses truth and falsehood, and deflects blame. “I’ve already brought back a million new jobs.” The four month facts are half a million jobs, the same monthly average as under Obama for the past eight years. Trump fake news delays disclosing his taxes, his income from Russia, and his personal financial benefits accrued as POTUS. Trumps lawyers admit Trump’s tax returns show income from Russia, but Trump calls their statements fake news. “Bush and Obama were not treated as badly as me,” is Trump fake news drama. Trump leaking government security for humanitarian reasons while calling whistle blowers “traitors” is fake news baloney. Trump’s daily lies are fake news contentions. Trump’s campaign promises were fake news electioneering. Trump’s personal slurs and putdowns Trump claims he never says are more fake news lies. Trump twitters are fake news official statements. Trump’s alleged record-breaking inauguration was fake news. Smearing Sally Yates and calling her disloyal for performing her job was fake news. Berating critics, the media, US judges, US congress, and the Republican Party, the mayor of London, the German Chancellor is all fake news. “I do not badmouth anyone, I intimidated them,” is Trump justifying name-calling as fake news “deal negotiation.” Nothing Trump says is real news. Everything Trump says is fake news. Trump is the king of fake news. Calling everything he dislikes fake news is just more fake news. Even the mainstream media is guilty of promoting Trump fake news, by constantly reporting Trump fake news. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.


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