Nobody believes Trump

Nobody believes Trump: Trump rages against the media for taking his tweets seriously, while WH spokesperson Spicer asserts Trump tweets are policy statements. Trump says China is reining in North Korea, but offers no proof? Trump claims Obama wiretapped his offices, but provides no evidence. Breaking the US promise to curb global warming, Trump mistakenly claims US jobs are being lost, yet the records show five new green jobs opened to every fossil fuel job closed. Trump lies about everything: “Russia did not interfere in the US elections, the FBI investigation is a farce, global warming is a Chinese hoax, my inauguration was the biggest ever, I would give myself an A for accomplishments to date, Comey was showboat disliked by everyone, I lost the popular vote to thousands of illegal aliens, and Obama is not a US citizen.” Every Trump utterance is now examined for a shred of validity. Experts say, “Trump is an inveterate liar; he lies to cover up lies, lies to promote opinions he believes are true, lies to confuse the public so people don’t know a lie from the truth, and lies because he just says what he feels.” “Trump digs coal,” read signs of his base supporters. Even Trump signs are unbelievable. We all know that coal diseases kill people, but paychecks close minds. “You can’t handle the truth,” Colonel Trump would have screamed to the courtroom. Propaganda is the conquest of public opinion. Big propaganda is big lies persuading good people to do the wrong thing for right reasons. America is full of good people so confused they can’t tell right from wrong. In the long run, truth may prevail, meanwhile living with lies is your own fault. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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