Immigrants made America great

Immigrants made America great: Every generation of Americans has fears about new immigrants. Will they take away jobs? Will they change the American way of life? Will crime increase and neighborhoods deteriorate? Every generation’s fears about immigrants has disappeared through inevitable assimilation. German immigrants in the colonies almost started a war over taxes, yet Germans were the major contributors of troops in the Civil War against slavery. Irish were treated like dogs in burgeoning urban centers, yet built our nation’s railroad system into the world’s largest transportation network. Scandinavians opened the logging industry, Russians turned prairies into a breadbasket of wheat. Eastern Europeans were imported by entire towns to mine minerals turning western territories into states. For a hundred and fifty years Hispanics have been imported to pick fruit, garden homes, clean hospices, the grunt labor newly prosperous Americans no longer wanted. Today Hispanics make up the fastest growing and largest group of small business owners, and the majority of employers. Immigrants made America into the most powerful nation in history. Every new generation of immigrants is the hardest working and most productive workforce and the major factor imbuing new energy into those who came before. Fear of immigrants is not new. Anger at immigrants has always been used by the unscrupulous to garner power and wealth. Immigration, however, is the lifeblood of American greatness. Greed excites passions, but a greater America can only come about when the chemistry of new blood revitalizes the lassitude of routine. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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