Once upon a time there was a fake president of the United States.

Once upon a time there was a fake president of the United States. Everyone knew he was a fake president because he was always spouting fake news from unreliable sources, with no evidence, and full of preconceived opinions instead of facts. He had a trumped up name, but most people called him a liar. This fake president was a blowhard. He liked to call people names. It made him feel good to put down others. It made him feel even better to make those who criticized his errors feel his pain. It helped that he was able to belittle others for his own inabilities. Our fake president had a shallow mind and very little ability to reason beyond his own needs. To impress others, our fake president would make boisterous pronouncements believing loud conveyed importance. When questioned for details or clarification, Mr. fake president turned childish and petty, resentful of the idea that what he said could actually be at fault. As a result of his lack of forethought he quite often reversed himself often not knowing he had done so. He called others who changed their minds flip-floppers, yet Mr. fake was well known for being against something before he was for it then changing back without explaining why. Most of the positions this fake president held were generalized notions he had heard from acquaintances in his clique, slanted fake news stations, and those who pandered to wealth and notoriety. As a fake president, he knew he was elected to govern and expected to prepare for his lack of experience. Instead he ruled by fiat issuing daily edicts supplemented by lashing out with personal tweeting rants. Before he was elected by, what in his words was a rigged election process, this fake presidential candidate made such outrageous statements that no one thought he was capable of properly executing any public office let alone president. They were right. But it did not matter if a fake president ruled poorly. His followers did not like government and were always happy to see it fail. To complainers, the fake president would respond that he won the election––rigged or not, and he was the president––like it or not. The Republican party, whose leadership he soundly condemned, lined up behind him in lock step knowing that while they may be supporting a fake president, he was a fake they could use to obtain their political ends. People across the nation raged in protests. In every town hall they called his policies damned. Republicans feared a backlash, but knowing the public was fickle, they hoped enough time would pass that people would forget. The key, Republicans reasoned, was cutting taxes, cutting regulations, and cutting expenditures. Make enough money and who cares about fake presidents, party principles and ethical standards. Big bank accounts rule. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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