America is burning

America is burning

The beacon shining on the hill is fading.

Lady Liberty hangs her head. Greater profits

Kindle fires of destructive government, while

Wealth has Reform under constant threat.


Decades of protective regulations are destroyed

In the name of harmful employment;

National monuments up for sale

To the quick buck and cheap paycheck.


An inveterate liar pollutes the White House,

Tarnishes the office of the President;

Ten million dreams subverted by unfounded fears,

Propaganda strangles, truth asphyxiates.


Steeped in fake news, too many

Tire of shouldering a heavy load, find fault

In generosity, turn away the needy,

Finding solace in unfounded evidence.


We are all lesser for government control

In hands which would sell our liberty

for the price of profits. Money should

Never be the greatness of a nation.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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