“See No Evil” enables evi

“See No Evil” enables evil: If something inconveniences profits, Trump doesn’t want to hear about it. Jobs mean ignoring harmful burning coal and other fossil fuels and disbanding greenhouse gas analysis and throwing away their findings. Trump wants to bring back the coal industry. Coal mining and burning kills people. Support Trump’s jobs and you support their evil consequences. “Employees who want jobs,” taunts a smug Trump, “must live with health problems.” Don’t expect Trump to care about American workers when profits are at stake. Don’t expect the unemployed to turn down a paycheck no matter the risk. To Trump the Clean Power Plan as anti-jobs, the Consumer Protection Agency as anti-jobs, and Climate Change a Chinese hoax to steal US jobs, regardless that Mar-a-Lago is sinking in Florida saltwater. Trump has called Keystone protests anti-jobs, the Affordable Care Act a job killer, indeed every government regulation as limiting jobs. Do we really need jobs that harm people? Are corporations so special their profits are above the law? Profits have no ethics, no morals, no accountability. Trump wants to sell attack planes to African genocide-dealing rebels, tanks to Middle Eastern fringe groups, and arm both India and Pakistan against each other. Without regulations injuries, sickness and earlier deaths make America’s workers pay the ultimate price for “See No Evil” values. Indifference, no matter how you view it, is just another face of evil. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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