Trump’s first 100 days of repeated failure

Trump’s first 100 days of repeated failure: In Trump’s words if you don’t win you are a loser: Muslim ban blocked. Obamacare repeal blocked. Border wall blocked. Defunding sanctuary cities blocked. Mexico or Republicans pay to build wall failed. Federal hiring freeze removed after one month. Ban on White House officials becoming lobbyists ignored. No ethics reform legislation to “drain the swamp” in Washington. No term-limits amendment. NAFTA no longer renegotiated. Few Obama programs rescinded. Appeal to Republicans to cut Medicare failed. Appeal to Democrats to save medical cuts in exchange for building wall failed. “American goods only” not used on Keystone. Melania Trump product line gets free entry after dinner for China at Lago. EPA cuts increase worker health problems. Two election staff caught spying for Russia. Temporary Justice Department head to testify against administration. Three cabinet posts declined. Two former security advisers under scrutiny for spying. Jobs saved under Trump planned under Obama. Six million women march in national anti-Trump protest. Two multi-million marchers to expose Trump taxes, immigration reform. Chief Justice rescues self in spying case. Constant verbal vilifying media, courts. Federal Justices slandered by name. Increased fighting in Middle East. Increased US interest in expanding wars Syria, Iraq. Increased and undisclosed troop numbers in Middle East. 59 Tomahawk bombed Syria airbase responsible for gas bombings still in use. Mother of all bombs in Afghanistan of little strategic value. US navy fleet allegedly sent to menace Korea actually in Australia. German Chancellor insulted. Melania Trump booed in Germany. No evidence of unfounded assertion of Obama wiretap. Nationwide open city resistance to federal ICE. Town halls across the nation flooded with protestors. Evidence mounting of Russia’s helping to defeat Clinton in election. Former aides indicted for breaking US laws. O’Reilly, Ales, fired for sex crimes called “good guys” by Trump, the self-admitted pervert. Trump continues to praise strong man, quasi-dictatorships as, “smart guys,” including Putin (Russia), Erdogen (Turkey), Kim Jung-un (N. Korea), and Duterte (Philippines).

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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