Emperor Trump has no clothes

Emperor Trump has no clothes: Despite rumors, Trump is not revising promises and policies. Trump has no policies based on governance experience. Trump’s gold-plated sales pitches were based on glittering generalities, exaggerations, and falsehoods. Trump never provided details because they don’t exist. Trump’s flip-flopping––China, Russia, Syria, NATO, and the CIA––is not “changing existing policy to meet reality.” Trump is facing what it really means to be president on a daily basis. The problem is Trump is not a good student, does not follow instruction, blurts out when he should think through, operates by trial and error, and has failed on eighty percent of his executive orders. The travel ban on Muslims has been held up in the courts. Repeal and replace failed to get the votes. Syria’s Tomahawked airfield is still flying bombers to gassed cities. The mother of all bombs in Afghanistan accomplished little. Immigrant border crossings were dropping steadily the past two years under Obama. New jobs, Trump has claimed saved, were on the drawing board before Trump was elected. The job market is growing at the same rate as eight years under Obama. Trump’s business experience has interfered not helped to govern, most government posts have not been filled, major replacements pop up daily, and Russia may have helped Trump win the election. Despite Trump promises we don’t have better, cheaper health insurance for everyone. Regulation cuts are held up by courts. Obamacare is thriving in forty-six states, threatened only by Republican House defunding. The US government is not buying “made in the US” steel for the keystone pipeline. Trump is leading from behind China in North Korea. And the Emperor Trump is still full of Stupid Talk: “Changing laws is easy, I promise lower taxes for everyone, I know more than the generals do, stupid politicians make bad deals.” Trump has revealed his naked ineptness. Trump is not changing. Trump never had any presidential clothes.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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