Distrust is created by confusing opinion with fact

Distrust is created by confusing opinion with fact: Many conservatives believe “the liberal media” equally responsible as conservative media for public distrust. This disastrous conclusion is a result of confusing opinion with fact. “Liberal media” is a deliberately demeaning and misleading opinion.” CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN, are owned and operated by conservatives. Without conservative business advertising all media would be out of business. The tens of thousands of nationwide news organizations that constitute the free press or mainstream media­­––though owned by conservatives ––are not beholding to any political party. That is why they are called the Free Press. In order to compete against the free press, conservative media (like Fox) created an entertainment style of news based opinion disguised as facts. To promote a conservative agenda, entertainment news (like Fox) demonized competition as “the liberal media.” Disregarding the fact that the mainstream media is controlled by conservative owners, Fox blatantly degraded the tens of thousands of independent journalists and editors as a shadow group (the liberal media) conspiring against conservatives. In the real world reporters who create news are fired. Editors resist special interest and partisan politics. Conservative media, on the other hand, provides only opinion disguised as facts. In the real world it is the tens of thousands of competing new organizations which turn out to be “fair and balanced.” Fox, on the other hand, is on record as providing the least amount of factual information of any so-called news organization. Reports also show that Fox audiences are the least informed, most radicalized, and the most inclined to believe in misinformation. Fox fallacies have been exposed repeatedly, yet the debris from Fox false news campaigns continues to pollute the atmosphere of public belief. Trump got the idea of coining opinion as “alternative facts from Fox.” And it is this campaign to confuse opinion with facts, while demonizing the free press as “liberal,” that has so badly damaged public trust. Creating distrust in the media is sort of like the Walt Disney story of Dumbo the elephant who believed he could fly with the aid of a magic feather. If your audience wants unrealistic dreams to come true, then you disregard giving them facts. You feed them only opinions that support what they want to believe to be true.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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