Why I am not for “America First.”

Why I am not for “America First.” America First leads to American Nazism. America First is “We are better than you and we will impose our military to back our interests both politically and economically. America First is self-centered, uncooperative relations between superiors and inferiors. America First is a slap in the face to other nations, a declaration that America is special, different and better. America First is self-important, self-righteous, selfish white supremacy, the imposition of religious beliefs, and the insistence that some divinity has a special plan that favors America. America First is not friendship and cooperation, but hate, bigotry, intolerance, greed, and hypocrisy. America First is unchristian, immoral and anti-Democracy. America First a step backward and the ignorant childish belief that someone is always trying to take something from you, trying to cheat and take advantage of you, and that only by putting others down can you stand on your own. America First is the virtue of pride turned into deadly sin. America First is not patriotic, not reverence for things sacred, and not love of country, but a modern version of the infamous the WWII “Deutschland Uber Alles” (Hitler’s Nazi theme of “Germany over all others”). America First is for showoff, thin-skinned, insecure, bullies. America does not have to be the greatest. America is not part of some game which must be won at all costs. American should stand for higher values not higher status. Values do not come from bigness, but from becoming better. America should be a shinning beacon not a warning sign for the fearful. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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