“Sickness is your own fault,” characterizes Trumpcare

“Sickness is your own fault,” characterizes Trumpcare: “America needs guns not health insurance,” declares Trump. Trump supporters are most hurt by Trumpcare, but healthcare is left to a Republican Congress while Trump says he is working on tax cuts. America needs doctor-patient trust, not health insurance for all, declares Republican Congress:  Get sick? Find an emergency room.  Don’t have health insurance? Your problem! Missing checkups is a choice.  GOP healthcare is self-control, not medical care. Sickness is a personal fault, not a social burden. Buying food instead of a doctor visit happens in a free society. To Republicans, freedom is more important than saving lives. Guns are more important than saving lives. Profit is more important than saving lives. Republicans want teachers evaluated not doctor-accountability.  Yet, top health groups are united against Trumpcare: American Cancer Society, National Alliance of Mental Illness. American Academy of Pediatrics, March of Dimes, American Lung Asso, American Medical Asso, American College of Physicians and the American Nurses Assn. Top Republicans are mostly for Trumpcare; ready and willing to let you die for the freedom to make a profit on sick people. Conservatives had eight years to improve Obamacare. Instead they chose to make Obama fail. The Republicans chose darkness instead of the light; yet millions of lives have already been helped by a program certified financially sound by the Congressional Budget Office. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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