Trump’s Fake News tell: “Believe me.”

Trump’s Fake News tell: “Believe me.” Fake news is a statement with malicious intent that leads to an erroneous conclusion. Fake news is opinion not fact. Fake news is concocted not reported. Fake news is what Trump aides refer to as “alternative facts,” what they want you to believe are personal interpretations, but are actual lies. Fake news typically mixes truth and fiction then draws false conclusions. Fake news repeats the false conclusions of others to bolster new fake arguments. The key to identifying fake news is it’s sneaky and misleading. Fake news promoted by entertainment poses as factual news to persuade a slanted point of view. Fake news messages resembles facts, but are really a political opinion. Fake news repeats its messages as if repetition proves credibility. A great example of fake news is Fox’s no spin zone. Fox has the lowest truth rating of any alleged news bureau. Fox, however, is the master of spin to meet the goal of its political agenda. Fox false news repeats over and over again that it does not spin facts, meanwhile spinning each and every statement made. Fake news hides by appearing like special interests parading as general interest, false statements that sound good, but are not the truth, and saying one thing while meaning something altogether different, using words that disguise, cover up, or hide real intentions. Trump peddles information he hears from Fox. Trump then uses Fox as a defense for unsubstantiated statements. Trump’s fake news is often accompanied by unprovable embellishments such as: “Believe me, everybody tells me, everybody knows, you know it’s true, they say, everyone knows, its common knowledge, and a lot of people believe me.” All of which is pure fake news BS. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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