Trumpcare betrays Trump voter

Trumpcare betrays Trump voter: Trumpcare cuts Medicaid, slashes services, and raises costs for tens of millions of middle-aged, middle-class Americans. What is important is Republicans don’t care. Republicans do not represent middle class workers. Republicans sabotaged the Affordable Care Act with Republican red states non-participation. Then Republicans blamed the ACA for limited participation. Republicans failed to help a viable healthcare program because Obamacare was government aid not private enterprise. Trumpcare doesn’t care about American workers. Trumpcare saves the upper-income, health-insured millions of dollars in lower premiums and tax cuts, and is estimated by Non-Partisan experts to add almost a trillion dollars to the national debt. Trumpcare will raise costs for older folks with under lower incomes and areas of higher premiums. Trumpcare will cut costs for the young and well off, and areas where premiums are already low. Trumpcare hurts every worker by defunding Planned Parenthood under the false allegation of abortion. Republicans don’t care if every worker is insured? Trumpcare is all about more tax breaks for the rich. Trumpcare is “buy your own healthcare or die. “ and a betrayal of liar Trump’s promise to help American workers. Trumpcare is dog eat dog politics and workers are fighting over scraps. Republican legislators call Trumpcare, “…giving Americans freedom.” “Democrats call Trumpcare….giving healthcare corporations freedom to exploit American workers.” The White House says, “Trumpcare is offering Americans choice.” Democrats say, “Trumpcare is the right of workers to chose high costs or even higher costs for less coverage.” Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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