Dictator Trump denies Freedom of the Press

Dictator Trump denies Freedom of the Press: Freedom of the press is a Constitutional right. Dictator Trump does not determine what the public gets to know. Trump has no authority to deny the reality of public information just because he claims he is right and that tens of thousands of independent journalists, reporters, editors, newspapers, publishers, and television and radio station news personnel, who are calling Trump a liar, are wrong. Dictators deny a free press, deny contradictory opinion, deny dissent, and try to intimidate those who uncover lies. Dictators don’t want the light of truth to illuminate their machinations. Dictators promising lies hope supporters will believe them instead of the facts. Dictators repeatedly denounce the free press as the enemy and label whistle blowers as unfair for reporting the truth. Dictator Trump has openly told many lies in public. We have heard and seen Trump tell bold face lies right to our faces. Trump is infamous for backing up his lies with more lies. Trump supporters call Trump lies the alternative truth, but they are still lies. Trump says if it were up to him we would have a one party system, The Trump Party. The Republican hierarchy is supporting Dictator Trump hoping to facilitate their legislation. Republican polls show Republicans believe Trump more than a free press made up of hundreds of thousands of independent voices that point out Trump is lying. Supporting a known liar makes both the Republican Party and Trump supporters just as villainous as Trump the lair. Hopefully the free press will be around long after the Trump train wreck. Regardless, the evidence is clear and mounting, Trump lies. Trump is the biggest liar ever to hold US public office. Dictator Trump, not terrorism, is the biggest danger to Democracy. Now more than ever before, we need a free, independent press with thousands of voices to uncover the truth. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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