America’s “hard workers” foul own nest

America’s “hard workers” foul own nest  

Angry Americans voted for Trump. They lost good jobs and good pay due to corporate greed. Instead of blaming greedy corporations, workers voted for Trump, the posterboy of corporate greed. America’s hard workers were embittered. The banks got bailouts, the poor got medical insurance, blacks got attention and workers got “forgotten.” America’s hard workers voted for Trump out of resentment for lost privileges. They were no longer more entitled than blacks, women, immigrants, and the medically needy. In reality, America’s hard workers lost jobs because banks failed and the economy went into a recession. The government bailed out banks to avoid a much worse Great Depression where everybody would have been out of work. Angry American hard workers wanted a bailout too, but the Republican Congress stopped new jobs, and allowed corporations to move out of the country and hide profits overseas. Republicans deliberately slowed the economic turnaround. You would think America’s hard workers would realize that good jobs were lost by Republicans. Instead of blaming Republicans and corporate greed, workers fouled their own nest and blamed the black guy. Trump supporters are happy with Trump. Regardless of Trump’s history of anti-worker policies, they believe Trumpism will bring back corporations and good paying jobs. Ridiculous! Trumpism is pro corporate greed, not workers. Republicans are working quietly behind the glare of Trump to kill the Dodd-Frank financial reforms that would keep banks from creating the next recession. Killing regulations creates recessions. Trump tax and regulation cuts will kill jobs not bring them back. Pay attention all you hard workers. Good pay creates good jobs not tax cuts for the rich. Consumer demand creates jobs not corporate profits. You can’t buy without money in your pocket. Good jobs and good pay have never resulted from corporations making more profits. Republican propaganda has baited America’s hard workers into fighting like dogs fighting over scraps, while corporations reap record profits. Government waste is 2% of the economy. Corporate greed is 98% of economic prosperity. Corporate greed is the enemy not the guy next door. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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