Trump pinned the tail of elitism on donkey Democrats

Trump pinned the tail of elitism on donkey Democrats: In the red sea of mid-America where Trump prevails people have been sold to be outraged at elites. Trump pinned the tail of elitism on donkey Democrats because Democrats don’t know how to market their accomplishments. Elitism is a hoax. But why hide the Democrat story?  Where are all the slogans that rave about Democrat success? Why didn’t Hillary extol Obama’s accomplishments, instead of vague togetherness? Parents who lost children to gun violence aren’t elites. Freedom from pollution isn’t elitism. Justice for blacks, healthcare reform, and women’s rights are not elitist. Ending the war in Iraq and capturing Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein was not elitism. Thirty million new medically insured Americans was not for elites. Equal wages for women, competitive drug prices, and extending unemployment job insurance was not about elites. How come Democrats didn’t brand Republicans as economic losers for causing recessions every twenty years? What about the do-nothing Republican Congress? Economic recovery after the Great Republican Recession wasn’t for elites. ISIS began with Bush supporting Iraqi Shiites and dismissing Saddam’s Sunni officers who became the leaders of ISIS. A hundred million average worker’s bank accounts saved by bailouts wasn’t for elites. Millions of worker’s jobs saved by helping the auto industry wasn’t for elites. Ten million jobs lost by Republicans and Obama got them all back.  Republicans fought new jobs at every turn, vowed Obama failure was more important than American workers. In America’s red sea there are a hundred million blatantly racist xenophobes. Elitism appeals to haters and to the misguided who rely on Fox fake news. Democrats must tell its successes to the American people, in a loud voice, branding the message into memorable slogans. “Resist” has no passion! Where are our great Democratic leaders when we need them? Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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