Rules and regulations protect us from crooks.

Rules and regulations protect us from crooks: The tax code is tremendously large to curb tax cheats. The law code is colossal for similar reasons. Without rules and regulations cheating and corruption flourish. Trump is wants to destroy decades of non-partisan, consumer-protective regulations. Trump has more business conflicts than any President in American history. Trump has shown that he will cheat on his taxes, cheat on his military obligation, cheat his employees, cheat his suppliers, contractors, and even his business partners. A man who brags cheating is smart will cheat the American Taxpayer. A man that tweets about public stocks and makes billions in a stock rise is sneaky enough to cheat the American Public. A man who can make deals with foreign countries to increase the value of his own businesses will find many ways to cheat even his most fervent supporter. How do we know when we are getting ripped off by Cheater-Trump? We don’t know because Cheater-Trump hides his cheating by not showing his tax returns, not divesting himself of his business interests, and by a history of cheating everything he touches. Rules protect the air quality, employment, worker safety, contagious disease, medical care, and child abuse. Parents make rules. Society makes rules. Rule breakers are the crooks who want to cheat us. Destroying the rules and regulations is destroying democracy and cheating the citizens of America. What have you, if you gain the world, yet cannot enter the kingdom of goodness? Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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