Trump elected by suppressing the vote

Trump elected by suppressing the vote: Clinton won the popular vote by over 3 million, but lost the electoral college by three key states; Michigan by 10K votes, WI 23K, and PA 68K. Meanwhile 3 million registered voters, who had voted twice for Obama, were unable to vote in Republican controlled states due to new, highly-discriminating voter ID requirements. White male control of politics has been in decline for decades. The Gerrymandering of Republican controlled state voting districts in 2012 was the first results of white legislators backlash restricting Democrat voting rights. Forget about Russian hacking, forget Comey’s dagger to Clinton’s back, forget all the UNPROVEN fake news and Republican scandals. Trump won by electoral votes given to gerrymandered state electors in key margin states manipulated long before the election behind the scenes by white legislators under the false premise of (non-existent) voter fraud. If only Wisconsin and Michigan’s voter districts had been contested before the election, Clinton would have been the obvious winner. All the experts were correct. All the credible pre-election polls were correct. Hillary Clinton should have been the overwhelming winner. But it was state legislators and state electors, not the actual American voters, who gave the 2016 election to Trump, the worst representative of a human being ever to run for office. Just like 2008 Republicans were willing to let the American economy go down the tubes in order to maintain political power, 2016 Republicans are willing to risk WWIII to regain political power. Americans resented a black man as President, but it was white legislators who sold the American dream of an equal democracy down the river all for the sake of local politics. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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