No man can call his presidency just that is not just himself.

No man can call his presidency just that is not just himself:  I don’t care about America First. I want an American president who is honorable. Someone who cheats on their taxes, cheats on their military obligation, and cheats employees, contractors, and competition is telling me loud and clear, he will cheat the American Public. Enough BS about giving Cheater-Trump a chance. The leopard does not change its spots. Enough BS about unity. Eight years of Republican “make Obama fail” is proof of Republican dishonesty. No man can call his presidency just that is not just himself. Cheater-Trump promises to oust the elite and fills his cabinet with white male billionaires, while national elite flock to inauguration festivities. Cheater-Trump promises to resurrect the nation’s tombstone, rusted-out factories, while thousands of manufacturers close every month. Obama brought back ten million jobs after the Great Republican Recession despite eight years of Republican gridlock. Enough about ‘forgotten’ workers. Cheater-Trump is not going raise the minimum wage, not going to provide heathcare for uninsured workers, and certainly not going to bring back outdated manufacturing. Cheater-Trump has a sad, dark vision for America’s future. The only way to deal with a nightmare is to wake up, get the facts from a credible source, and get politically active. Wait and see is a lousy strategy when your life is under the knife of reprivatizing heathcare.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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