World stability is over.

World stability is over: Trump represents an irreversible break with world stability. More than half a century of balanced security has morphed into a tweeting game of political poker where no one knows what hand Trump will unfold.  Trump is proudly selfish, guided by the principle of doing whatever is good for Trump. From here on out, former friends, allies and foes alike know only that it is not the principle at stake but the “deal” that counts. Every assumption of inter-reliances among the nations of the world is in turmoil. Every treaty, agreement, or alliance is up for grabs. Trump negotiates by keeping others guessing. No nation makes reasonable plans when they feel insecure. Exploiters take advantage during periods of insecurity. Trump has told the world of his selfish agenda. The lid has been irrevocably opened on Pandora’s box. Every nation will now be directed by selfish aims. No longer will what is good for the planet and mankind be part of the process. All wars start when nations feel insecure. Little people always get hurt. Trump wins no matter what. Greed is in the ascendant. Fairness and balance are dead. Banding together is how other nations will respond to the selfishness of Trump’s New World Order. Mark as a prime example, the UN’s recent condemnation of Israel’s continued resettlement program as “shameful and dangerous to peace.” Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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