Policing like soldiers not peacemakers

Policing like soldiers not peacemakers: Chicago police are under pressure from lawsuits over shooting unarmed blacks and have been chastised by the Justice Department for illegal “stop and frisk” profiling. Billions are being paid out by cities for police shooting settlements. In Chicago Police have retaliated against oversight requirements and ceased to enforce normal suspect detentions. Chicago police “Stops” have fallen from several hundred per day to less than twenty. With limited policing, gangs have gone on shooting sprees. Chicago homicides are up several hundred over 2015.   With Chicago police doing the minimum requirement, arrests are a fraction of the previous year. The Chicago Chief of Police has suggested hiring more patrol officers. Black residents of the city respond saying, “If more officers are hired and do no more than those already not doing their job, costs will rise without results.” Chicago is in a standoff. Chicago police (as well as most police forces across America) resent oversight. Most police forces are still training policemen to be soldiers not peacemakers. If the training is wrong, police work creates more problems than it resolves. Profiling is wrong. Blacks are a hundred times more likely to get stopped and frisked than whites. Blacks youths need jobs where they are not the last one hired and the first fired. You can’t expect people to act like good citizens when blacks are condemned to a concentration camp culture. You can’t expect a man to be a productive citizen when he is constantly disrespected just because of the color of his skin. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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