Congressional gridlock to accelerate

Congressional gridlock to accelerate: Congressional gridlock is polarized politics. Americans have no faith in Congress because of partisanship. “No compromise” is dysfunctional government. Trump now complicates an already chaotic situation with the element of indifference. The Donald is not interested in “getting things done.” The Donald is about “what is good for Trump is good for America.” Polarization, partisanship, and dysfunction are interchangeable with gridlock. Add indifference to the equation and you have Congressional Gridlock Acceleration. Ideas once came to Washington to grow; now they are stillborn, crushed by the weight of dishonest debate. Fake news from Fox makes a lie heard a thousand times into dishonest arguments. Allowing fake news a seat at the table upset the bandwagon of progress (I love two metaphors in one sentence). We need a new branch of government; the Ministry of Public Trust, where all news will be analyzed, evaluated and administered by the truth, to the best of our abilities. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, Ca.

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