Big waste of lives and money

Wasted lives and money: $1.4 Billion dollars was paid out in settlements for “Police Misconduct” by US cities in 2011 (WSJ). Tens of millions of dollars is charged to the public each year for deaths as a result of police shootings here in LA. Police shooting deaths of unarmed men represents a major portion of taxpayer settlements. Most of the unarmed men that are killed by police each year in the US are black. Why don’t we drastically reduce the costs and numbers of unarmed black men who are killed each year by police shootings? Don’t we need those men and that money for something better than death? Do we have a law enforcement mentality that is still geared to the military when it should have evolved into community relations? Law and Order should not be-after-the-fact suppression of violence, but prevention oriented. In police training, drawing a weapon should be a last resort not the too-early intention. Protecting police is a priority, but a weapon in hand may kill more than save. Maybe we need to aim conduct more toward productive policing and away from confrontation. Maybe we need to analyze exactly what the term “policing” should mean? The bottom line is too many lives and too much money are being wasted on existing conduct termed Misconduct. So let’s stop waiting to judge police conduct until after the fact and examine the mentality that trains overly aggressive conduct in the first place. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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