Incivility is a byproduct of fake news

Incivility is a byproduct of fake news: : Political Correctness (PC) is a bigot’s term to hide intolerance; a faked “Hate” message implying consideration for the victim is inconsiderate to the perpetrator. Hannity and O’Reilly often toss out the term PC to excoriate the defenseless. Cruel humor is the fake news spin Fox employs to legitimize otherwise unacceptable, low-life language. “Fair and Balanced” is the fake narrative Fox uses as a slogan. Fake news is malicious opinion disguised as fact. Hints of fake news are complaints of government “giveaways.” Conservatives have made a living out of sticking labels on entire groups in order to avoid having to deal with issues. Consider: Helping the poor used to be socially acceptable for whites, but when blacks were given a hand up Reagan used the pejorative “Welfare Queen” to demean government aid as a useless handout. In the 1990s, Gingrich wanted Republicans to consider Democrats as the “enemy,” so no tactic was too low when your political life was on the line. Fox has generated its a nationwide audience by appealing to fake news tabloid tastes. Slander is standard fare at Fox. By the time the truth is told Fox is elsewhere slinging out new unfounded allegations. Fake news, sensationalism, and slander are the marks of “yellow journalism.” Turning news into entertainment has killed the media’s as public watchdogs. Note how freely Crooked Trump labels the crooked media and crooked opponents, or for that matter anyone who disagrees with him. Why listen to boring facts when Fox entertains with trashy perversity? “Trump says what I would like to say,” his supporters join him railing against normal courtesy like drunks in a bar. Fake terms and fake news is a cheap shot, a blindside punch, and a spineless copout for lack of self-responsibility. Fake news isn’t just about fake stories, it’s about fake words and fake narratives that exploit and debase public passions. Inconsideration for others, not money, is the root cause of all evil.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.


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