The difference between Nixon and Trump

The difference between Nixon and Trump: There is no difference between a self-righteous Republican bagging about principles and Trump who can’t distinguish between his private desires, inner demons, and the public interest. Nixon misused the instruments of government to destroy political opponents, hide financial misdeeds, and deceive the public about Vietnam. Trump has already told the public he will ignore the Constitution, impose a religious test on immigrants and citizens alike, charge the election system with fraud without evidence, and violate the Code of Military Justice by using torture and killing families. Repeatedly Trump has called for use of Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East that will lead to WWIII, attempted to intimidate sitting federal judges to favor litigation in his business properties, and shown enough evidence that he should be impeached for Incompetensus Dementus. While the public has lost faith in the press as a watchdog of government, no public leader will stand up to Trump’s bullying and intimidation and expose the criminal history of his companies doing business with Iran, Cuba, China and Russia’s invasion of the Crimea. The FBI, formerly “Deep Throat” in Watergate, sabotaged Clinton at the eleventh hour, too late for explanations. Did the Russians hack the Wikileaked emails? Was the Russians hack of America’s electoral system payback to Putin’s favorite Trump? Did the Republican Party commit more of the same fraud means used in 2012 to gerrymander the electors into choosing Republican candidates? Clinton won the popular vote by over two million. Clinton lost swing states by less than in the ten thousands. Trump claimed millions of illegal immigrants (who cannot vote) fraudulently voted for Clinton. Meanwhile millions of US citizens were kept from the voting polls by pseudo-fraudulent Republican voting restrictions. The difference between Nixon and Trump is the watchdogs of government are asleep in their kennels. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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