No saving grace voting for a racist

No saving grace voting for a racist:  Articles about the legitimate concerns of Trump voters are full of BS. Trump support was the middle finger from Backward America. Clinton Haters––that’s what they are––not “legitimately-concerned citizens” demonized Clinton’s alleged “pay for play,” while blatantly ignoring Trump illegally selling of weapons to Iran, computers to China, and helping Russia invade the Crimea. So-called, principled Americans railed against government million-dollar giveaways, while tax dodging corporations (Trump, the elite example) stole trillions in tax dollars hoarding them in overseas’ safe-havens. The Great Republican Recession took away your good paying jobs. Republican corporations moved your manufacturing overseas. Republicans in Congress sabotaged your economic recovery over and over just to make Obama look bad. But instead of blaming Republican crooks you label the good guys crooks. Whites in the South and in the North have kept blacks in a concentration-camp culture on the bottom rung for centuries. Blacks plead for Justice, and right away you sick the dogs on them. Don’t tell me you’re ignored and left behind. Republicans will gut Obamacare yet your family relies on it. Elitists aren’t making fun of you. You are making fun of yourselves, parading for dirty oil and coal, protesting contraception, and fighting the first real healthcare reform in sixty years. There is no saving grace in voting for a self-declared racist, liar, tax cheat, draft dodger, con man, sexist, crooked boss, and rotten father and husband. Electing Trump made America less great. But that’s not why you shot the finger. You’re just fed up with folks dinging you that Backwards in America are wrong. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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