The election was a lot of noise in the wrong direction

The election was a lot of noise in the wrong direction: I thought we had grown as a nation. I can see now that meaningful change to many meant no change. Ignorance, intolerance, bigotry and hypocrisy are acceptable if they pad the pocketbook. Selfishness did not come out of the woodwork, it is the woodwork. White workers saw only their loss of special white privileges. Yearning for a past they grew up in, they could not recognize its white privileged lifestyle. White Americans live in a highly competitive white dominated society. If you ask about white supremacy, however, they don’t understand the concept. They do not understand Law and Order is a white man’s concern. Without Justice, Law and Order is keeping blacks in their place. Allowing religion to determine marriage and women’s rights is white religious issue. Declaring blacks have an equal opportunity and don’t need a hand up is a white educational issue. Letting corporations decide who gets health insurance and at what prices is a white health issue. National defense is white issue. National security is a white issue. Mortgage tax deductions are a white issue. Most blacks don’t own homes. I am ashamed for all those who voted for a self-proclaimed racist. The problem is they aren’t ashamed of themselves. One thing for sure, if Trump leads to disaster, Republicans will spend billions to blame Democrats just as they spent billions to demonize Clinton and blamed worker losses on Obama instead of the Great Republican Recession. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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